Xin HeI am a postdoc at Dr. Hao Li's lab at UCSF. I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science at UIUC, under the supervision of Dr. Saurabh Sinha. I am broadly interested in three biological problems:

  1. Principles of gene regulation: Is there a "code" for non-coding/regulatory DNA sequences? What are the common rules of gene regulatory networks?
  2. How were complex, in particular, novel biological systems evolved?
  3. How do we uncover the genetic basis of complex traits using natural genetic variations?

I employ and develop computational tools to address these questions. The unifying theme of my research is evolution, which is not only important itself, but also determines the way gene regulatory systems are constructed, and the genetic architecture of complex traits.

Contact Information

Department of Biochemistry, UCSF
Byers Hall
1700 4th Street, Rm 401
San Francisco, CA, 94158